Companies Funded

To date, Point Positive members have invested in four different start-up or early stage companies including:

Adk Packworks - an innovative bag and pack company that uses the classic Adirondack pack basket for design inspiration.
Wholeshare – an online marketplace that enables consumers to buy sustainable food and household products at wholesale prices through collective purchasing.
Pro Cat US - a boat manufacturing company that produces multi-hull workboats from its home base in the Champlain Valley. The boats are distinguished by a superior amount of deck workspace; fuel efficiency, safety and stability, and ability to navigate shallow waters.
Thermo Tents – which produces the world's very first properly insulated tent. The Company's insulation technology reduces the spikes in temperatures that occur in normal tents and helps to muffle the noise transfer in & out of the tent. .

"We are encouraged by the growing number of entrepreneurs seeking us out. It's exhilarating to hear their ideas and see the passion they bring to their ventures," says Adele Connors, one of Point Positive's founding members. "It's entrepreneurs like these that are going to lead the way to a more vibrant economy in our Region."



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