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Provider One


Provider One is a start-up medical scribing business out of Syracuse, New York. They have developed a business plan for an app that will allow users to do scribing remotely bringing much-needed service to rural and underserved areas. The company is looking to locate their business to the North Country and proceed with a beta phase. Provider One is the first New York State Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) in which Point Positive has invested.

Provider One was developed based on the simple proposition that the best use of a physician's time is with their patient. They believe that to truly have an impact on workflow,  physicians need to be paired with the best medical scribes available with no interruptions.

Provider will achieve this goal by standing out as one of the only scribe companies that pays scribes a living wage, while still maintaining a competitive price point. With a combined fourteen years of medical scribe experience, the founders understand what it takes to create a high-quality scribe company that delivers unmatched scribe service.

Initial Contact and Pitch Session

Provider One became familiar with Point Positive through former entrepreneurs who Point Positive has invested in previously. Provider One presented at the Fall 2019 pitch event. 


Point Positive participated and invested $25,000 with other investors in a $200K seed round.

Job Creation and Benefits

Like many start-up businesses, the COVID-19 situation has paused prospective institutional clients  to further their engagement with Provider One.  With the emphasis on remote work and Telehealth, Provider One is preparing Letters of Intent from interested physicians and has already hired 90 scribes who will be ready to go once Provider One's App is finalized. Hospitals will need to increase revenues and scribes will be an option and low-cost way to accomplish this thanks to the in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of coding correctly for insurance reimbursement that each Provider One scribe will have as part of their training.


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