Debra Rice

Debby Rice has a Masters in Public Health (environmental health engineering) from Johns Hopkins University. She spent the first part of her career in government, and then spent the majority of her career in industry. She is a retired corporate executive for a large multinational corporation where she was in charge of global community and occupational health. During her career, she developed and managed international occupational health centers in Latin America, Europe Africa and the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific regions. In addition, she provided business support in developing strong links with multi national and local nonprofits to implement the largest industry based HIV/AIDs prevention program, lead team of scientists in researching possible environmental health risks, and provide risk information for business decisions. Now, when she is not snow shoeing or hiking, she donates time as president of a small arts organization and serves on three other boards where she provides business focus emphasizing transparency and results.

Melinda L. Little, Coordinator
PO Box 1281, Saranac Lake, NY 12983
Phone: (518) 354-0202