Obtaining Funding through Point Positive - the Process

Once an entrepreneur has submitted his/her business plan through the Point Positive website, it will be reviewed initally by our Coordinator.  If the application is complete and the opportunity seems promising, the Coordinator will connect the entrepreneur with a sub-set of Point Positive members who will conduct an initial due diligence review with the entrepreneur.  In most cases, the members participating in this initial review process will have some domain expertise relevant to the business plan under consideration.

If this initial due diligence review goes well, the entrepreneur will be asked to make a presentation at the next Point Positive meeting (either at one of our two Forums planned for July and November respectively, at one of our quarterly meetings or at one of our adhoc virtual meetings.) The entrepreneur will also be asked at some point in the process to participate in an on-line Q&A session with Point Positive members.

If the presentation is  well-received and there's interest fom among the members to continue the process, Point Positive will form a team to conduct an in-depth due diligence review of the plan. If the outcome of that review is favorable, members will, on an individual basis, negotiate terms with the entrepreneur and write checks.

Melinda L. Little, Coordinator
PO Box 1281, Saranac Lake, NY 12983
Phone: (518) 354-0202