Process for Membership Qualification

If you meet the criteria, we invite you to consider becoming a member of Point Positive, Inc. Membership is at the discretion of our Membership Committee and is subject to annual renewal, non-renewal, revocation or termination by Point Positive's Membership Committee.

  • Interested parties must complete the Membership Agreement* and Member Survey, and submit the same as directed on the Membership Agreement.
  • The Membership Committee will review all applications for membership and make every effort to provide applicants with a written response within thirty (30) days of completed application submission. (Your payment will be held for processing until after your membership has been approved.)
  • Point Positive Membership may be terminated or membership revoked at the discretion and determination of the Point Positive Membership Committee, should it be determined that a Point Positive Member has breached any term of membership. A member will be notified in writing by the Membership Committee of the intent to terminate or revoke membership, and the on-notice member shall have thirty (30) days in which to submit a written response to the Membership Committee, should the member deem his/her actions or inactions do not warrant or qualify for termination or revocation of membership. The Membership Committee shall consider, in good faith, such on-notice member written response within sixty (60) days. The decision of the Membership Committee is final.

* If you'd prefer to have a packet of Membership Materials mailed to you, please contact:

Melinda L. Little,  Coordinator                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           phone: 518-354-0202




Melinda L. Little, Coordinator
PO Box 1281, Saranac Lake, NY 12983
Phone: (518) 354-0202