Potsdam, New York

RemWell LLC


RemWell LLC is a Potsdam-based startup formed in 2018 to develop and commercialize technology to remediate groundwater contaminated with per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).  RemWell needed funding to support their efforts to address the problem of groundwater pollution, including the development of their technology, the InSRT reactor, which uses ultrasound to destroy PFAS at the point of contamination.  Both of the founders, Michelle Crimi and Laura Holsopple, are from Clarkson University.  

Initial Contact and Pitch Session

Sept. 2022 Pitch / Member Association meeting


Prior to the field trial, a $100,00 equity investment (convertible that will convert to equity) was completed in December of 2022.  Eight member investors participated.

Job Creation and Benefits

The benefits are huge to mankind and projected to come in time. 


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