Extendable tent aptly named the XTENT is the latest launch from Crua Outdoors

The first-of-its-kind height-extendable tent launches  on Kickstarter.

SARANAC LAKE, New York - Today, Crua Outdoors announced the launch of their XTENT, an extendable tent that adds 19 inches to the original height of the tent with its extendable canopy. The XTENT design makes it easy to go from a 60-inch-tall tent to a 79-inch-tall tent with a simple push of a button. The additional height gives plenty of room to move around and stand up, making it convenient for those who want to change their clothes, avoid cramping and bumping or simply stretch their legs.
"We are proud to introduce the world's first height extendable tent to our lineup. After two years of development, we have made sure the XTENT is perfect for relaxing outdoors, no matter the weather, in combination with its ability to extend the height. Not only did we want to make sure that you can stand up in the XTENT, but we also wanted to ensure that our core values of comfort and durability remained," said Crua founder and CEO Derek O'Sullivan.

The Crua XTENT, launching on Kickstarter on August 18.
The XTENT comes in a two and three-person version making it a great option for families, couples or individuals looking for a little more room to move about. After two years in the making, this tent finds the perfect balance for warm and cool weather. For hot summer days, the removable flysheet reveals a completely enclosable bug mess to let air move through the tent while enjoying the outdoors, free of pesky bugs. At night, the XTENT makes it easy for families to stargaze and fall right asleep under the night sky.

More features include:
Extendable porch
Fully waterproof
Insulated with the Crua Cocoon Inner
Connectable to other XTENTs
Convenient pockets
LED lighting
Rainwater harvesting

The XTENT is available exclusively through Kickstarter from now until the end of September. Like many of Crua's other crowdfunding campaigns, this Kickstarter campaign allows funders access to a full-kit with early bird pricing, starting at $250.

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