Member Profile: Kip Testwuide

When did you join Point Positive? 

I joined Point Positive about three years ago.

What drew you to the organization?
I was drawn to the organization for a number of reasons. Mainly, I agree with the desire to bring a more diverse and growing economy to the North Country to provide:

  • Attractive employment opportunities for all types of employees, including laborers as well as highly trained professionals
  • Local investment opportunities for local investors
  • A successful, sustainable, and growing business community to help support the community
  • An opportunity to meet and work with other north country investors and entrepreneurs

What part of being a member do you like the most?
I enjoy meeting and working with other investors on the analysis of opportunities as well as working with entrepreneurs.

What type of organizations do you lean toward investing in?
I lean towards businesses in which the leader can articulate the unique value proposition of the product and explain the targeted market. Perhaps more importantly, a business with a smart leader(s), driven and dedicated, with an ability to listen.

What businesses have you participated in?

  • Crua - and on the Board
  • CEI - and on the Board
  • Birch Boys - and on the Board
  • LC Drives

Where do you see Point Positive in 10 years?
I see Point Positive continuing to be an active organization in the North Country's growing economy with an increasing membership of local investors and former Point Positive supported entrepreneurs. Point Positive should expand its work with schools and regional business organizations throughout the Adirondacks providing access to capital, education, and mentorship.

What is your vision for the Greater Adirondack region?
I envision a vibrant, diverse economy with many different types of successful businesses providing opportunities for highly skilled professionals and tradespeople to earn a good living, save for the future, and raise their families in the beauty of the Adirondacks for generations to come.

How long have you been a resident and coming to the Adirondacks? 
We have had a home in Lake Placid since 2001.

Melinda L. Little, Coordinator
PO Box 1281, Saranac Lake, NY 12983
Phone: (518) 354-0202